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3 cups


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1½ cups


Food for Thought:

Nowadays food is meant to be enjoyed. But ultimately meant to be fuel for our bodies and wholesome for growth & survival. We live in a world where food has been transformed and has been forgotten of its original origin. We live in a time where diet culture is the new norm and we find the majority of us trying to convert our minds and bodies back to the wholesome way of eating but lack of convenience seems to be a common excuse. 

In this section I will share wholesome at home meals/snacks & staple products that I love to make to fuel my body. Not only are meals made at home customizable, but they also help us become more aware of our body as we begin to understand what fuels it!

Come along on the journey of trying new things and keeping what works and tossing what doesn't!

Protein Waffles


There are two ways to go about this... You've got the pre-made, frozen Vans Power waffles shown in the photo w/ almond butter and fresh fruit. Quick, simple and well balanced.

You can also make your own protein waffle if ya got yourself a waffle maker and a few basic ingredients. All it takes is 1 scoop of whey protein of your choice, 1 egg, and 1 tsp of baking powder. Mix & waffle iron that beezy! 

The best part is that dressing up your waffle is completely up to you! Whether you go for the exotic example below or the OG syrup. Either way we've got a great start to our protein intake for the day!


Open Faced Egg Sandwich

My favorite well balanced / go-to breakfast choice. This open-faced egg sandwich is as simple or complex as you wanna make it and there are so many different variations. 

My typical take on this meal is one piece of toast, one slice of cheese. avocado or mayo (use as a spread), spinach and two over easy eggs & ta daaaa!

Now I encourage you to build the open-faced egg sandwich of your dreams, the skys the limit

Don't let my basic ass stop you from building your dream egg sand!

Lunch &



I absolutely love this lunch option as its affordable and versatile. 

I take a couple cans of solid white albacore *in water is key* in a can if you're on a budget you can use one can chunk light in water and/or one of each. I dice celery or cucumbers (typically whatever I have on hand), it to add texture. We then add sliced or halved black olives for some fats & flavor. Now I add 3 tablespoons of mayo. Mix and chill.

You can simply eat it as is, use it as a cracker topping, wrap it up with some lettuce in a tortilla, make it a tuna salad sandwiched between two slices of bread, even add extra toppings like sprouts, tomatos, whatever you little heart desires. You can even make an open-faced tuna melt by placing tuna on the desired slice of bread or English muffin, toast & top w/ cheese and pop it in your toaster, oven, or even air fryer for a couple minutes!  

Dehydrated Fruits

Mix up snack time with a family favorite treat that's fun & safe to make with little ones!

All ya need is a dehydrator  & some fruit!(link to the dehydrator I have will be below, but you can always find one locally or on Amazon). Honestly you can dehydrate just about any fruit or veggie. Some fruits are a bit more dense than others for instance bananas are more dense than apples. Obviously the thickness of the cut will also play a role. Then longer something dehydrates the crisper it'll be. I truly love a chewier texture when it comes to bananas and crisper apple chips; So its great I can make my own, exactly how I like them.

You can also add spices like cinnamon salt or pepper or any other favorites to spice things up! Always a great alternative from store bought or processed choices. 

Hands down my favorite is dehydrated banana chips, mostly because I like to make some chewy (thicker slices) and some crispy (thinner slices). 



Bison burgers are one of my favorites but a little on the pricey side. Its nice to treat yourself if you're a fan of gamier meat. This meat is a great source of protein that will leave any meat eater satisfied.  I typically find patties or ground bison at our local sprouts market & simply throw on the grill with a little salt and pepper & dress as you please.


My version of Cobb salad is below which consists of baby spinach, coined carrots, corn, avocado, hard boiled eggs and dressing on the side. Now when it comes to dressing my salads I typically go for lighter dressings that can be homemade or are minimal ingredients for instance balsamic or Italian.

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