Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Welcome BAE Fam! Thats right, you're already part of the Fam!

It doesn't take much & there isn't any judgement here! All questions are great questions except for the ones you don't ask.

I love helping people accomplish goals or help people along their life journey in any way I can. People ask for specific things that I may not have created yet or shared for instance, specific content/ workouts/ information. But this does not mean I give them the cold shoulder & tell them I can't help them. I try and find an answer or example that I believe in or simply, science... (Some times I wish for emoji's)

In the masses, by no means do I know all the answers but finding an answer for someone is my goal & I will do my research and ask colleagues to make sure the correct answer is provided. With that not all answers are one-sided or plain and simple.

However here at Muscle Before Anything Else I strive to provide accurate and helpful information from fitness & health to basic life tasks! So ask away & don't forget to take advantage of the free content provided throughout the site!

With love always,

Briana (M-BAE)

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